Special Talks

Recordings of Special Talks


08/09/2016 Biblical Worldview x Adrienne Volk 20160809
04/19/2016: Reasons for Believing the Resurrection – Brother Paul Volk new
03/26/2016: Passover Festival – Brother Paul Volk new
02/23/2016: Genesis5 – Part II Brother Paul Volk new
02/16/2016: Genesis5 – Part I Brother Paul Volk
02/07/2016: Genesis4 – Paul Volk
02/02/2016: Genesis3 – part II Brother Paul Volk
01/27/2016: Genesis3 – part I Brother Paul Volk
01/19/2016: Genesis2 – Brother Paul Volk
01/12/2016: Gen1 Law Grace – Brother Paul Volk
01/05/2016: Your World View-Only As Good As Questions It Answers – Brother Paul Volk
12/29/2015: Bible Basics – Dr. Chi Kao
05/12/2015: Mental Health – Dr. Siklam
09/25/2014:Dr. David Eckman Special Topics
10/08/2013: How Family Backgrounds Affect Our Life – Dr. David Eckman
09/17/2013: The Purpose of God the Creator in the First Book of Bible – Dr. Chi Kao
09/03/2013: Growing Trust – Pastor Andrew Huffman
06/11/2013: Distinguished Scholar Series I – Professor Charles M.C. Lee
06/04/2013: About the Bible圣经概论(Dr. Siklam)
05/21/2013: Science and Christianity(Dr. Paul Ashby)
01/29/2013: Why is the God of the Bible seemingly different in the Old and New Testaments? (Dr. Jeff Louie)
09/25/2012: What Christianity Is Not (Dr. David Eckman)
07/24/2012: Paul, Israel and a Vision from God (Dr. Allen Swanson)
04/17/2012: Special Talk Recording: Emotional God (Dr. David Eckman)
02/14/2012: How to Have a Healthy Family & How to Improve Communication Skills (Dr. David Eckman)
09/13/2011: How to have a Healthy Emotional Life (Dr. David Eckman)
09/06/2011: Bible Authority (Yinghua)
08/09/2011: Chi’s Testimony in Mandarin (Chi)
08/02/2011: Writing Research Paper, Distinguished Scholar Series II 2011 (Dr. Peggy Hou)
08/02/2011: Science and Faith, Distinguished Scholar Series II 2011 (Dr. Peggy Hou)
07/19/2011: Historical Development And Expansion of the Christian Church (Joe)