Child Safety!

Everybody’s safety is our priority!

Here below from the line “— Law Enforcement —” down are the information regarding California law for protecting children riding in a car.

To all partners and volunteers who offer ride: If a child under age 8 does not have a car seat that the parents bring with them and if you do not have a car seat for the child either, please do not offer ride for any event that you volunteer as a driver for any activity that Berkeley FAT Sheep Family organizes. It is the driver’s responsibility to say gently ‘no, sorry.’

To all parents: If you do not have a car seat for your child under 8 years old and need some help to get a car seat, please contact Joe Laoye (;  WeChat “JoeLorencz”) or Chi (; WeChat “FATsheepGuanJiaPo”). might be a good way to purchase a used one.

—– Law Enforcement —–

Every state in the country has safety belt laws and child restraint laws which mean that every passenger in a vehicle must have his/her own seat with his/her own seat belt, regardless of age. Also, Infants and young children must have appropriate child restraints (car seat or booster seat). The age and size of the child requiring a child restraint vary a little from state to state, but the legal requirement is still there. So the law is that children are not allowed to sit on their parent’s lap. Otherwise, a police officer may cite you for violations.

In California, children 7 and younger must be in a car seat or booster seat -and- must be in the rear seat. Children 8 and up must have a standard (adult-size) seat belt. They may sit in the front seat by then, although it is strongly discouraged because the front seat offers less protection in the event of an accident. In California, a police officer may stop a car solely for violating one of these two child-safety belt laws and the penalty for violating either of them is $100. Subsequent violations are higher.