伯克利肥羊之家周报 09/19/2017

Weekly Bilingual Meeting Tuesday Sept. 19, 2017

We have a guest speaker this Tuesday night at FAT Sheep Family who is a research scientist in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Guohong Wu will be speaking about science and christian Faith with the title as follows:

Topic: A Universe from Nothing
Subtitle: A Message Transcending Space and Time Tells of a Great and Beautiful Story

Speaker’s Introduction: Guohong (Albert) Wu was born in Henan, China. After obtaining his B.S. in physics from Beijing University, he came to the US to continue his graduate study in physics and got his Ph.D. from Yale university in the field of theoretical high energy physics. Over a decade ago, Albert found his new research interest in the emerging field of computational biology and started transition his career in this direction. He currently holds a research position at the DOE Joined Genome Institute at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Albert has been serving as a Sunday school teacher at Chinese For Christ Church at Berkeley, with a special interest in teaching the dialogue between science and faith.

We have been talking about the possibility of creation by a Creator God these past two weeks as we explore the book of Genesis, among the oldest books of the Bible. We discussed science and evolution a little bit last week in the Question time following our speaker, and I expect we will learn more information about that subject and other wonders of the universe which we inhabit from Dr. Wu.

The first book of the Bible tells us that the beginning of everything–the universe, earth and living creatures, especially humans, was a very good thing. We can learn much about the God who created all that exists as we read these ancient texts. We can also learn about our value as human beings made in the image of the One True God, what went wrong, and how God began a process of redeeming what was lost.

How does one read the various literary forms used in the Bible, an ancient document which includes narrative, poetry and instruction? How does modern science relate to the first descriptions of the beginnings of the universe and our world? All this will be covered in a series of weekly presentations and small and large group Bible discussions led by Paul Volk, former philosophy teacher and one of the current leaders of FAT Sheep Family.

The level of confidence in the reliability of the oldest parts of the Bible, known as the Old Testament, is surprisingly strong. This unique book takes a radically different perspective than other world views that were prevalent throughout the ancient world. Join us as we begin exploring the text of Genesis over the next couple months.


Mosaic at 1221 Marin Ave. Albany (0.6 miles, 10-15 minutes’ walk from UC Village)


  • 5:45 pm to 8:45 pm
  • 5:45 Dinner
  • 6:40 Introductions, Announcements, etc.
  • 6:40-8:40 Children’s Program — We have a Bible teacher for the children during the first hour and then guided play time.
  • 6:50-8:40 Whole Group Lecture-Discussion Led by Dr. Guohong Wu focusing on the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament of the Bible
  • 8:45 End of program — Rides back home provided for EVERYONE.

Please contact Joe Cell: 510-828-6135 . For the Tuesday night meeting, We have two pick-up locations:

  • Law School: on Bancroft Way (just down the hill from the International House), 5:15 p.m.
  • From your home: For having a ride from home, please let us know your address and cell number. All who need a ride, please confirm with Joe before 3:00 on Tues.

English Corners

This week’s on campus English Corners will meet, either inside at the Law School cafe area or outdoors upstairs, if the weather is fine, from 2:00 to 4:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. They will be hosted by Justin and Lai Chan with Joe on Tuesday, and by Joe with the Volks on Friday. We are rescheduling the Wednesday meeting and are waiting to get feedback from members about which day and time is better than Wednesday afternoon. We will let you know as soon as we know which day we will meet as a replacement date. There will also be a Talk Time with Kevin at the Junket restaurant in El Cerrito Plaza on Saturday from 2:00-4:00.