伯克利肥羊之家周报 07/04/2017

There will be no FAT Sheep Meeting this week, but we will hold English Corners at our usual times and places except for Tuesday when we are cancelling that English Corner this week.

For Those who wish to enjoy some Fourth of July celebrations in El Cerrito, in addition to the party at The East Bay Church, here is some information for you:

El Cerrito – Vista Park event (July 3-4)
* There is an El Cerrito 4th of July event “One world day” at the El Cerrito Vista Park.
* Don’t eat too much as there will be plenty of good (free) good later if you come to the picnic party at the East Bay Church.
* See below for the link to the El Cerrito community events.
El Cerrito | WorldOne Festival: World Music & Circus Festival | 2017

English Corners

This week’s on campus English Corners will meet, either inside at the Law School cafe area or outdoors upstairs if the weather is fine, from 2:00 to 4:00 on Wednesday and Friday. No English Corner on Tuesday. They will be hosted by Justin and Lai Chan with Joe on Wednesday and on Friday by Joe with Justin and Lai Chan.

There will also be a Talk Time with Chi at the Junket restaurant in El Cerrito Plaza on Saturday from 2:00 – 4:00.

In addition, those who would like to meet any of the co-workers for personal tutoring in English, academic discussions, personal issues or spiritual conversation may request such meetings anytime.

Contact Joe at 510-828-6135 if you have any questions.