What do you mean by that? 如何了解聖經,神的話 --- 祢意為何?

The Chinese version of a book that Paul Volk shares with us.  It is translated by David Zhang.

鏈接 祢意為何 中文翻譯版

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Format: Paperback

There have been many books written on the topics of hermeneutics/Biblical interpretation, but they tend to be geared either for advanced intellectuals who like to throw out their $10 words, or for beginning Bible students who aren’t clear on the fact that books of the Bible might even be written by different people.

Volk hits a very helpful and needed third place with this book. It’s written in clear, engaging language, not academic speak. He manages to be genuinely insightful and deep without being pedantic. This book skews toward the earlier learner, but is a helpful refresher course for anyone who stumbles over difficult passages of Scripture or wonders how to approach a particular book.

I highly recommend it!


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Paul Volk presents himself well with a very un-biased approach, credibility and intellectual honesty. I would say this book is of a more conservative angle. Where he attempts to explain (in a few places) why some interpretations are wrong, it is very clearly written and easy to understand, yet the reader can easily assess the information for him/herself and make up their own mind.

I highly recommend this short book to people looking for clarity and wisdom in attempting to understand the scriptures.

Expect to delve into grammar, syntax, context and overall language usage although it is never too over-bearing.