English Discussion (three times a week)

We the Berkeley FAT Sheep Family continue to strive to serve your interests in enriching your experience here. In addition to our weekly bilingual meeting on Tuesday night, we provide opportunities for you to improve your English through small groups on campus, learning about 1) American culture 2) how China influences the world and 3) Christianity and God through the Bible, the best known book in the world.

We provide rides for all meetings. Please bring your family, friends and colleagues to join us on this adventurous, lively and enjoyable journey!

For campus small group meetings — please contact Joe (Lorencz@aol.com, WeChat “JoeLorencz”) if you need a ride.

The three weekly campus small group meetings are great opportunities to practice spoken English. The first hour is basically a free time for talking while the second hour is composed of smaller groups for reading practice and discussion in which we will use various articles pertaining to economic, social, political and other issues. We concentrate on pronunciation and understanding the various texts during this section. One exception is that we do Bible discussion for the second hour on Wednesday afternoons. However, if anyone is interested in discussing the Bible on either of the other afternoons someone will be available for that as well.

In addition, if you want to learn Bible more systematically, Paul and Adrienne lead a small group on Friday mornings. Adrienne’s WeChat ID is ‘AdrienneVolk’. Chi leads a small group on Saturday morning (WeChat “FATsheepGuanJiaPo”.  Joe and others are also available for discussing the Bible.

We look forward to all the possible opportunities to get to know each other and explore together how to receive the abundant life that God determines to give us.

English Corner” (afternoon meetings on campus):


UC Berkeley Boalt Law School (2nd floor outside patio/ on the roof or terrace, or if the weather is not so good, then look for us inside the cafe on the first floor, behind the food-serving area). The entrance is just down the hill from the International House on Bancroft Way.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 1-3 p.m.